2009/3/18 Tom Holden <thomas.hol...@gmail.com>:
> To clarify (if it needed it), this was discussed at the board meeting this
> week and we decided non-members are perfectly welcome to attend.

Ok, a general invitation is fine (I've found the discussion in the IRC
log, but I can't see it in the minutes - all decisions need to be
minuted), but you'll need to give some thought to how you are going to
conduct the meeting. I can see two options - separate seating areas
for members and non-members, or voting cards. (If we have a very small
turnout we can just rely on the chair knowing who is and isn't a
member, but hopefully we'll get more people than that!)

I know some people think I am being overly formal and strict about
this kind of stuff, but the AGM of a limited company, particularly a
charitable one, is a serious event and needs to be handled properly.
This isn't just a bunch of people from the internet getting together
for a pint and a chat about what we're going to do, it's an official
meeting of the membership if a charitable company.

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