Thanks everyone for the responses – they definitely contribute to our 
understanding of whether to pursue a high density wifi installment for the 
theaters and concert halls. Looks like we’ll work with the building folks to 
put as much as possible in during the construction phase.

Mary Bull
Network Engineering

From: "Bull, Mary" <>
Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 12:34 PM
Subject: Theater wifi - to have or not to have

Hello all,

I’m wondering if anyone here has dealt with a decision on wireless in the 
theaters, concert halls, or recital halls on their campus. We have a new arts 
complex coming on line in the next two years and there’s no clear direction 
from faculty on whether wireless for the audience is desirable. The previous 
main theater, and other currently used theaters on campus, did/do not have full 
connectivity for the audience (just a few aps tacked on the walls that were 
useless when the room was full). Facilities planning is favorable toward 
building it in, so I’d prefer that too, especially since it would be much 
harder or impossible to install if the faculty changes their mind in a few 
years once the building is complete. However, I’m not sure whether there is 
really an expectation from the audience that they should have wifi when they 
attend a show or concert.

Has anyone dealt with this on their campus? What influenced your choice?

Mary Bull
William and Mary

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