Hey Mac....Don't worry.  President Bush will be there on Friday and make
everything better. He would have been there sooner but he had a fund
raiser scheduled for tonight and another one tomorrow.   :-)

Relax everyone.  That was a joke.  I'm a stupid Republican too.  Don't
jump up and down.  Let's keep this "near" topic.

And more good news.....The govt just released a part of the strategic
oil reserve to help with the fuel situation down there. They say the
main reason for this was due to the inability to move oil into the
refineries.  What they failed to mention was that the refineries in the
region are still shut down and are not expected to be up to production
levels until next week. I bet by then the oil will be flowing again. If
nothin more it will mean more gas for me.  Sure won't help the poor
people of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana much.


On a serious note......

Having been through 9-11 here in NY I can imagine the devastation that
is down there. What I can't comprehend is why the President is not there
NOW and has not mobilized all available armed forces to the region. We
(America) reportedly sent close to One Billion Dollars to Israel to
"Compensate" those that were "displaced" by the Gazza Strip situation
"In The Name Of Peace". Those that left house behind will be paid money
for their houses that they vacated. Any idea what we could do with a
billion dollars now???

Buildings are damaged and under water.  Every one of those houses in the
area needs to be systematically searched and marked on the outside once
searched. There are tens of thousands of buildings to search. Houses
that are under water each need to have their roof cut open to verify no
one is in the attic of these locations. That takes time and resources.
It's in the 90's there. And it's sunny. Surely you guys (and gals) have
been in an attic in the summer.  15 minutes and you are ready to die.
There ARE people still in those attics and have been there for days. And
they are dying. If they are still alive they are hungry, tired, scared
and in need of medical care. Many who stayed behind are elderly or
impoverished which makes them vulnerable to begin with.

Those that went to shelters (there was a reported 25,000 people in the
Superdome alone) were not alloowed to bring their pets with them. that
means dogs, cats, etc were left behind before the storm and had to fend
for themselves. Many of them are dead and floating. The others are
hungry and/or injured.

There is no electric. No A/C. No running clean water. No telephone.
Cellular service is extremely spotty. Most communications is down
because the flooding does not allow the transportation of fuel to the
tower generators. The ones that are above the water line anyways.

Things will deteriorate rapidly now.  The levees are breached and water
is filling downtown New Orleans. The looting has begun. The food supply
is winding down. Tensions will get higher and soon weapons will be
involved. The order to evacuate all of New Orleans was given.  You know
what that means??  They are not sending supplies to the city. They are
removing the people and taking them (hopefully) to the supplies.

I think the last thing they need right now is Internet service. They
need money, tents, food, clothing, medical supplies, motuary services,
water, fuel, boats, etc. They need some place to live. They need people
to volunteer to search, cook, clean up, transport supplies, etc.

After the Florida hurricaines last year I received several requests for
my services in the area from customers and manufacturers. They came in
the first 48 hours after the storm. Ya know how many I got this time???
None.  I have talked with other guys in the region and with the
exception of some small companies that lost towers and such, they also
have received no requests. That means there is nothing to fix. Or
nothing left to fix.....

Most of all the people in this region need our prays.

So if you can't go and help......If you ate a nice breakfast this
moring, drove your car to work in the air condioning, took a nice shower
or just slept in a bed last night that was dry and comfortable.......Be
thankful and pray for those that didn't.

And hug your family and tell them you love them....Because many no
longer can.

Life is too short.  Live it like it is your last day.

God Bless


Mac Dearman wrote:

There is no one to serve internet to in New Orleans but FEMA and the work crews and I am sure that the Feds have satellite set up. New Orleans has been issued orders for COMPLETE evacuation. They are moving all the folks out of the shelters to higher ground (refugee camps) North of New Orleans City limits. It will be many months before anyone will be allowed back into New Orleans. Water is still pouring into town as we speak due to levee breaches and is expected to have 9' of water downtown before it quits coming across the levee. A soup bowl cant hold but so much soup.


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