Hello Mark,

Excellent post Mark, I think a database should be put together that
can list what is available and what people can bring into a situation
like this.

For example-

2 installers plus bucket truck (30 foot height)

Tower climber w/ safety equipment- up to 200 foot structure

2.4ghz 24db grid antennas
Breezecom radios AP10/WB10 pair

Gas Generator model xyz

etc etc.

I got thinking about what we could do here in Mid-Michigan, and as
long as the right structures are standing I could go 100 plus miles
with some decent bandwidth.

I think the idea to setup VOIP outside the damaged areas to help
people get communications to the outside world would be extremely
important. Something that FEMA and other agencies will not be putting
high on the list at this stage since rescue is still in place.


Wednesday, August 31, 2005, 1:46:23 PM, you wrote:

w> On Wed, 31 Aug 2005 11:41:10 -0400, Bob Moldashel wrote
>> Hey Mac....Don't worry.  President Bush will be there on Friday and make
>> everything better. He would have been there sooner but he had a fund
>> raiser scheduled for tonight and another one tomorrow.   :-)
>> Relax everyone.  That was a joke.  I'm a stupid Republican too.  
>> Don't jump up and down.  Let's keep this "near" topic.
>> And more good news.....The govt just released a part of the strategic
>> oil reserve to help with the fuel situation down there. They say the
>> main reason for this was due to the inability to move oil into the
>> refineries.  What they failed to mention was that the refineries in the
>> region are still shut down and are not expected to be up to 
>> production levels until next week. I bet by then the oil will be 
>> flowing again. If nothin more it will mean more gas for me.  Sure 
>> won't help the poor people of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana much.
>> Amazing.....

w> There's plenty of fuel in some parts of the country.   Here in the NW, most 
w> our fuel comes from alaska and Montana and Wyoming.  

>> And hug your family and tell them you love them....Because many no
>> longer can.
>> Life is too short.  Live it like it is your last day.
>> God Bless

w> Good advice.   

>> -B-
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