On Wed, 31 Aug 2005 11:41:10 -0400, Bob Moldashel wrote
> Hey Mac....Don't worry.  President Bush will be there on Friday and make
> everything better. He would have been there sooner but he had a fund
> raiser scheduled for tonight and another one tomorrow.   :-)
> Relax everyone.  That was a joke.  I'm a stupid Republican too.  
> Don't jump up and down.  Let's keep this "near" topic.
> And more good news.....The govt just released a part of the strategic
> oil reserve to help with the fuel situation down there. They say the
> main reason for this was due to the inability to move oil into the
> refineries.  What they failed to mention was that the refineries in the
> region are still shut down and are not expected to be up to 
> production levels until next week. I bet by then the oil will be 
> flowing again. If nothin more it will mean more gas for me.  Sure 
> won't help the poor people of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana much.
> Amazing.....

There's plenty of fuel in some parts of the country.   Here in the NW, most of
our fuel comes from alaska and Montana and Wyoming.  

> And hug your family and tell them you love them....Because many no
> longer can.
> Life is too short.  Live it like it is your last day.
> God Bless

Good advice.   

> -B-
> Mac Dearman wrote:
> >
> > There is no one to serve internet to in New Orleans but FEMA and the 
> > work crews and I am sure that the Feds have satellite set up. New 
> > Orleans has been issued orders for COMPLETE evacuation. They are 
> > moving all the folks out of the shelters to higher ground (refugee 
> > camps) North of New Orleans City limits. It will be many months before 
> > anyone will be allowed back into New Orleans. Water is still pouring 
> > into town as we speak due to levee breaches and is expected to have 9' 
> > of water downtown before it quits coming across the levee. A soup bowl 
> > cant hold but so much soup.
> >

I am and have been thinking about those ON "higher ground" already.   Baton
Rouge, for instance, has power and everything...but outlying areas southward
do not.  

Let's think about this...  Idaho has a population of 1.36 million people.  
Imagine Idaho, twice, instantly homeless, jobless, without resources.  Even if
you can return to where your home was...what will you do? 

But these hundreds of thousands who have nowhere, nobody, nothing...  Many of
them need to find family, places to go, etc.   And this is where we could
help.   And then, those communities that are getting back together, but need
phone,  and some help finding stuff.  

It takes at least 5 support people for every hundred, just so they can eat,
drink, etc.   And not to minimize what's being done by the Red Cross and
countless organizations, government and private, but we're unique, in that we
can do what nobody else c an do easily.  

The HAM radio guys are mobilized in considerable numbers, to try to help
people find thier families and whatnot, by patching in phone service from
places its working.  

We ARE behind the curve on this... but I will suggest now, that WISPA form a
disaster strike team.   In future years, I'll donate and volunteer for it...
that goes and provides information services to ANYWHERE under any conditions,
and that we cultivate a relationship with FEMA and the state governments.  

Every WISP I know is a "can do" type of person.   We're bucking the trends,
carving out uniquely to do what others can't.   We have something incredibly
valuable to offer, and we should.  

I have ot tell you that the launch of my business was delayed 2 years, partly
because of issues relating to my education and so on, but also because me and
my wife donated so much of our time and money to helping others.  Some years
we have given in money and time (lost income) more than it took to get my
business off the ground.  What I can offer to help others is changing...and I
feel an obligation - a God-given one... to do what I can.   I'm not a
firefigher, soldier, pilot, EMT, cop... etc...  But what I can do...  I would
like to do.  

I"m sure many of you out there feel the same.  But we should only do...if, and
when ,and what, is needed.   Let those who know say what's needed, but we
can't be asked, if what we can do isn't even known about.


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