I am also seeing only 240 and the two filings that I posted today are
missing... in fact, I only see one filing from 10/4 and I know that
there were at least 4 there earlier.

My filing a few days ago that was missing this morning appears to have
re-appeared as well.  Something strange is going on.  Anyone know
their webmaster and can tell us what's up?

 - Tony

On 10/4/2005 4:22 PM, John Scrivner created:
> Well maybe I am wrong. Now I am only seeing 240 comments. This is after
> I dumped cache. I am not sure what is wrong here now.
> Scriv
> George wrote:
>> Funny thing is I filled this one out.
>> I could have sworn there was like 295 responses the next day after we
>> sent this to the various lists and now there is only 242 responses and
>> my response can not be found.
>> Anyone else notice this and does anyone else see their response missing?
>> George
>> John Scrivner wrote:
>>> I just wanted to say thank you to all who are sending a clear message
>>> to the new FCC about the stalled ruling for access to unused
>>> television channel space. Your messages are going to be heard. 
>>> 04-186 is key to the future growth of our industry. We face huge
>>> opposition from the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) who do
>>> not want anyone else playing in their sandbox. If you have not
>>> already told the FCC that you need those unused television channels
>>> to help grow your business and serve those hard to reach customers
>>> then please do so now. Here are the instructions once again:
>>> http://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/ecfs/upload_v2.cgi
>>> A from will appear magically in your web browser. Fill in the blanks
>>> with your contact information. Use the guide below for specific lines
>>> to help you with items you may not know how to fill in correctly.
>>> 1) Where it says "Proceeding" type in 04-186
>>> 2) For the "Mail Correspondence to" line click on "Name".
>>> 4) and 5) Leave Blank
>>> 11) Check "Late Filed" check box.
>>> 12) Select the drop down for "Statement for the Record"
>>> The other lines not listed above are things like your name which I
>>> will assume you guys have covered. :-)
>>> Then type your comments about why you need those TV channels for
>>> broadband. Give good reasons and do not argue with the FCC. Just tell
>>> them why you need the channels. Use good grammar, use correct
>>> spelling, be as good a writer as you can even if it is only one
>>> sentence. I want to see 500 comments from the WISP industry on this
>>> NPRM over the next 5 days. Let's bury them in so many comments in
>>> support of this NPRM that the FCC cannot deny us this ruling.
>>> Thanks guys,
>>> Scriv
>>> PS. I am not on any other list servers so feel free to pass this on
>>> if you are.
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