These all look cool for Open source of doing what Goldmine or Outlook already do, jsut with a few more features. But the problem with these is they are not industry specific and are really individual centered.

Managing installtion and sales leads in the WISP industry is much different. Each sales lead is a project in itself. (close deal, do pre-qual survey, do site cisit survey, get antenna approval from landlord, start install, progress on install, order product for install, etc). All leads should come to a central queue for all to view and follow up on, and then able to be assigned, but still viewed globally. But onced assigned, it should not be bulked in with tasks that are truly personal that shouldn't be viewed from others. I believe there are more categories than jsut task, appointment, project, etc. In addition should add, tech support request, installation schedule, onsite service schedule, without combining them to the generic categories of tasks and appointments. Where as a true sales appointment would ahve different tracking and scheduling needs than an installtion appointment, etc. Thats the problem with these generic type of systems. I'd like to see something customized specifically for the processes of a WISP.

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SugarCRM is good, so is vtiger crm which is based on the sugar crm code


SugarCRM is the basis for
SugarCRM can be purchased in a hosted per user fashion that you can access anywhere.

Outlook/PDA works.

Mozilla has a calendar function. (Project Sunbird as a stand-alone).

There is a lot of groupware / collaboration ware, but as a one-man XP shop, I have a wild idea.
Use a Virtual Assitant (
A VA can take/make your appointments (log them on Yahoo calendar), take your calls, do your books, etc.
Better than hiring a full-time person.

Drop me a note if you want more info.


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