I will second that nomination! MikroTik does an outstanding job at limiting/shaping P2P (and anything else) traffic from shutting it down completely , setting a "tolerable rate" that allows the users to stay connected and download what they want as you control "how fast" and "what time its ok" ...etc or just letting it rip across your network wide open. It has too many options for me to even start on. All I can say is it is outstanding IMHO

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Butch Evans wrote:

On Thu, 8 Dec 2005, Mark Nash wrote:

I'm needing to implement a solution that will monitor, alert on, and control this type of traffic. Either not pass it or rate-limit it. I'm interested in solutions that have been implemented, home-grown, tested, failed, etc.

While there are LOTS of solutions out there (including the "home-grown"), Mikrotik is probably easiest, and will do precisely what you are asking for. http://www.mikrotik.com/

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