432631  Bulk Pack 50  900 MHz Subscriber Modules  BP9000SM-50  $26,250 

Double Radius has 25 pack for  : $8,500.00  double to 50 pack and it 17k

Will you please tell me who the Canopy major supplier is so I can avoid at all costs.

The 100 pack is THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS cheaper at double radius.  HOLY CRAP!

Unless I am reading something wrong.......


A. Huppenthal wrote:
I think WISPA has expressed its disinterest in a 'buying club'. However, if members on this list want to organize a 'buying club' - I'm all for it. Its clearly one of the reasons you will get your ass kicked by the telco and cable company - they have buying power and can get what you want and buy in 10s and 20s  for 1/2 the price.

Next to FCC, my biggest concern is that my *COSTS* are higher than Telco and Cable. Aside from the totally defunct Anti-trust activity of our government, *COSTS* are going to kill WISPs off. Hardware is a part of that overall model. The rest of the costs are contained in my business.. and I'm happy to talk about that with other WISPs at the *first* WISPA meeting.  In fact, I'd likely talk about it at ISPCON as well. (would be my third talk there). Our industry really needs to pull together to achieve higher efficiencies (how to run a WISP), better pricing (buying power), improved governmental rules (FCC and others through a louder voice).

I don't specifically reccomend any of this equipment. Get some and figure out if it works for you on your own dime. :-)

Want a relevent example: a single 900 Mhz Subscriber Unit = $725. Buy 500 and get them at $444 instead.

Here's an off-the-shelf price list from a Canopy major supplier.

432679  900 Mhz Access Point   9000AP  $1,895
427612  900 Mhz Access Point AES  9001AP $2,395
498606  900 Mhz Access Point Connectorized (External antenna)  9000APC  $1,855 
487642  900 Mhz Access Point AES Connectorized (External antenna)  9001APC  $2,355 
432631  Bulk Pack 50  900 MHz Subscriber Modules  BP9000SM-50  $26,250 
452650  Bulk Pack 100  900 MHz Subscriber Modules  BP9000SM-100  $47,500 
459676  Bulk Pack 500  900 MHz Subscriber Modules    BP9000SM-500   $222,500 
460660  Bulk Pack 50  900 MHz Subscriber Modules Connectorized  BP9000SMC-50  $24,250 
467696 Bulk Pack 100  900 MHz Subscriber Modules Connectorized BP9000SMC-100 $43,500
483635  Bulk Pack 500  900 MHz Subscriber Modules Connectorized  BP9000SMC-500  $202,500 
433674  900 Mhz Subscriber Module  9000SM  $725 
430697  900 Mhz Subscriber Module AES 9001SM  $975 
499667 900 Mhz Subscriber Module Connectorized (External antenna)  9000SMC  $685
472614 900 Mhz Subscriber Module AES Connectorized (External antenna) 9001SMC $935
435698 900 Mhz 60 degree 9 dBi antenna


446693 Bulk Pack 50: 900 Mhz 60 degree 9 dBi antenna


413627 Bulk Pack 100: 900 Mhz 60 degree 9 dBi antenna BPAN900-100 $8,000
483655 900MHz Demo Kit - Connectorized TK10010 $3,000
495685  900MHz Access Point Cluster Kit - Connectorized TK10028 $30,000 

Peter R. wrote:
Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Would he give WISPA a good rate?  Anyone interested could get quotes and maybe he could cut us a break?  I want this trade association to get some members services so people have a reason to join.  With added services comes members and money.  With members and money comes "pull" at the FCC level.  Then we get good stuff from the FCC and WISPs rule the world.  *Right Brain* Lets do what we can to get more Principal Members.

Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:

You would think it would work that way, but Volume Buying ends up eating the organization and the organization becomes caught up in being a volume club.



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