I've experienced the same issues with Trango tech support. I really really, really had to tell the guy on the phone that I knew what I was doing. Yes, a firmware fix was the answer. It was a bad experience but all in all I've had a very good experience with Trango products. I used them primarily as backhauls.

Here's my $.02: I've got two M5800 systems that I purchased from Sunstream (for those of you who don't know...Sunstream products became Trango products). 4 years and going strong without the need to reboot for about 2 years (after the firmware fix of course). They (Sunstream) ran an advertisement in a magazine that I picked up that said they'd do 10mbps at 10 miles for under $2k. That (under $2k) was the draw for me at the time as we were only 6 months into the business at the time. This stuff has been great and they have traditionally been on the lower side cost-wise for a quality product.

They do have problems. They fix them. They save us money. I hope to hear and experience good things about this new move. I intend to buy some and deploy them after the first or second rev of firmware fixes. I have faith in Trango as a product more than a company. It should work out...hopefully the product will live up to its promise.

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