I also post when I am pleased with a vender too.  Here is one.
Demarctech sent me 48 b/g zinwell boards a month ago to replace the zinwell b boards hat had a static in the flash ram issue.
That was pretty awesome to see Tony stand behind his product.  GO TONY!

Well then what should I do. Sometimes it takes a little bad PR to get a company to step up to the plate.
They took my money and I didn't get anything for it.
I called and was polite. Bev said it was sent out and there was NOTHING they could do. The choice is simple. Get me the part or the cash back. They wouldn't do either. So I took it.

8 months ago I had a similar battle with another company who I had ordered and 11 FOOT OMNI from. I'm here to tell you...I didn't misplace that one for sure. In the end 6 months later, they sent me a $230 omni for the $350 one I paid for. As far as I'm concerned they still owe me the difference plus shipping and won't see my business until I get it.

Anyway, my patience for this type of thing is limited.

I just think people need to know about these things. Believe me, I wish I was posting about how great they took care of me and how I am going to be a customer for life. I wish I didn't have to lose money by overnighting the part from another vender, but I do.

Charles Wu wrote:

Hi Brian,

Just a word of advice

Although I realize that you are quite displeased with your current service
levels from WISP-Router (right or wrong, I don't know enough about the story
to make an appopriate judgement), immediately calling your credit card
company and filing a fraud complaint / dispute is one way to BURN YOUR
BRIDGE with that particular vendor

Then again, posting a flame against them across public listservs doesn't
really help either...


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Anyone ever have trouble with them. FYI They just informed me it is my fault they didn't ship me out what I paid for. I've never done anything with Mikrotik. I ordered what a friend told me to, I don't know what anything looks like, I assumed when I looked in the box it was all there. Well, I have Butch lined up an am ready to use it and...imagine that, I'm missing parts. Maybe I didn't call within the first 7 days. Who gives a fart! Be warned. I just got screwed. Credit card dispute to the rescue again. Ahh, this just pisses me off. I should get what I paid for. I don't lie. I know I didn't get the part. Speaking of not getting it. Don't these people know the customer (ME) is always right? I can't get away with this crap with my subs, that's for sure. Just so ya'll know, when I first called, the guy I talked to said it looked like it might not have been shipped. They would look into is and call me back. I was happy and thinking how I would post to the list and say how fast they helped me and solved my problem. Nope. Not today. I
was promptly called back and blamed for their poor quality control.

Also, where can I order a RB564 Daughterboard to replace the one the "ups guy must have stole"? Not wisp-router. Need it overnight.

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