I have to agree with Rick here.  When the box arrives, check the contents against your order ASAP!  We also power all equipment on to at least be sure it passes the 'smoke test' right away.

Another reason for this testing is that many distributors will pay shipping both ways on DOA equipment if notified within 48 hours of receipt that the equipment is DOA.

Rick Harnish wrote:

This is one reason distributors use packing slips.  Did you keep a copy of
it?  Did you check the merchandise off when it came in?  The burden of proof
will be on you and your due diligence.  If they have a packing slip that
says it was in the box then I would guess your out of luck if you didn't
notify them when the shipment arrived.  

We do a lot of business with WISP-Router and have always been very pleased
with the products and timeliness of order arrivals.


Rick Harnish
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Thanks Blair.
She was the one who I talked to.  I understand it was an old order, but 
I still didn't get it.  It was my first order too, so I have no history 
with them.
They must think I am trying to pull one over.  I keep my gear in three 
places.  Living room, basement, and garage.  The wisp-router stuff was 
all together.  Even so I searched every cardboard box on the property.  
I don't have it.  And I do recall only the one board from when I opened 
the box.

Blair Davis wrote:

I have been dealing with wisp-router/FEN for years.  Never had any 

Who are you talking to out there?  Call back and speak to Beverly... 
(I may have mis-spelled that)

She should get it fixed.

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Anyone ever have trouble with them.  FYI  They just informed me it is 
my fault they didn't ship me out what I paid for.
I've never done anything with Mikrotik.  I ordered what a friend told 
me to, I don't know what anything looks like,
I assumed when I looked in the box it was all there.  Well, I have 
Butch lined up an am ready to use it and...imagine that,
I'm missing parts.  Maybe I didn't call within the first 7 days.  Who 
gives a fart!  Be warned.  I just got screwed.
Credit card dispute to the rescue again.   Ahh, this just pisses me 
off.  I should get what I paid for. I don't lie.  I know I didn't get 
the part.  Speaking of not getting it.  Don't these people know the 
customer (ME) is always right? I can't get away with this crap with 
my subs, that's for sure.
Just so ya'll know, when I first called, the guy I talked to said it 
looked like it might not have been shipped.  They would look into is 
and call me back.
I was happy and thinking how I would post to the list and say how 
fast they helped me and solved my problem.  Nope.  Not today.  I
was promptly called back and blamed for their poor quality control.

Also, where can I order a RB564 Daughterboard to replace the one the 
"ups guy must have stole"?  Not wisp-router.  Need it overnight.



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