Thanks for the support. If we can get a larger number of us all sharing in the cost of representing our industry we can do a bunch more than we are now. I appreciate your support. I sent you an email invoice just now. If you would rather have an invoice sent to you via postal mail then send me your company postal address and we will do that. Remind me about the tower agreement once you are paid up and I will get it to you right away.
Many thanks,
John Scrivner

Cliff Leboeuf wrote:


What a way to 'embarrass' someone into paying for something that they
should be anyway... :)

I seriously felt that I should join, but just as we all do, I am the
world's best procrastinator.

I have benefited from this list and should share in the cost to

You have given me the 'nudge' that I needed to get off of my lazy, cheap
a$$ and fund that which I benefit.

Send me an invoice and I'll get you paid asap.


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If you are a paid WISPA member I will send you mine. I have spent a few thousand dollars in legal fees making lease agreements for leasing transmission space on existing towers, water towers, grain legs, rooftops, etc. My agreements were done professionally and I have several

in use. I only share with paid WISPA members though. Sorry if you are paid and I did not recognize the name.

Cliff Leboeuf wrote:

Does anyone have a sample lease agreement for roof rights that they
would be willing to share with me?

Thanks in advance,
Cliff LeBoeuf

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