Through a promotion, AT&T has again cut its DSL price to $12.99 per month for the first 12 months in an attempt to aggressively woo potential customers as an alternative to cable companies. After a one-year contract, the price increases to $29.99. AT&T also cut its mid-tier DSL offering to $17.99 from $21.99, which jumps to $34.99 after 12 months. Verizon launched a $14.99 DSL service with a slower connection speed last August. It will be interesting to see if this DSL price change bundles into AT&T's CallVantage for a better offering.

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  How cheap is "cheap enough" and will it ever stop?

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The best is a mix of solar and wind.

I know of some that use propane too.

I've never done it either though :-)

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Just wondering what others have done for non-grid power options at towers. We are thinking solar is the way to go, but since we have never done anything like this I wanted to check with others.

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