When using Mikrotik, if I want to do a true bridging configuration (like an ehternet Switch), if I set AP mode on one side and Client mode on the other, it does not work because default 802.11 clients do not support bridging. To solve this, without using Nstreme, we used WDS mode. One side set to AP-bridge/WDS and the other side WDS-slave. In this configuration we can VLAN, bridge complete networks and full range of Mac Addresses, and support PtMP configs, etc.

However, I would like to use Nstreme, and that is where I get confused on configuration.

For PTP, Mikrotik suggests setting one side as "Bridge Mode" w/ Nstreme enabled, and the other side Client mode w/ Nstreme enabled. Under this configuration, is it a true bridge, as I desire? (Pass multiple Macs and stuff).

If so, is there any reason to use Nstreme w/WDS anymore, if just doing a PtP backaul link between cell sites? MIkrotik states if WDS-station mode is used on one side of link, WDS will work with Nstreme.
In WDS-station mode w/Nstreme, does it also infact act as a true bridge?

However, it appears their may be is a flaw in config options, in the sense that there is no way to get NStreme to work in PTMP modes as a True bridge, as that would require WDS-AP and WDS-Slave which is not a supported config. Am I correct on this? Or when NStreme is used, can I safely use WDS-station, and be a true bridge?

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