I was thinking I would be the devils advocate, and ask this question:
Why go thru all the hassle of learning Mikrotik(Which, IMHO, Is a PITA), when You can save the learning curve, and use Tranzeo, Deliberant or even HighGain Antennas solutions that are cheap and easy to administer and a M0n0wall box at the NOC?. When You combine the assembly required for all the WRAP boards, buying the pigtails, and all of the other good stuff that goes along with being a MT shop, learning the management GUI etc., You could be up and running in no time with a M0n0wall box and gear shipped directly from the OEM's all ready assembled and ready to go. And M0n0wall is very easy compared to MT, and if You were so inclined, You could use the default settings and have a fairly decent network with an old P III and 512M of RAM, which is MUCH cheaper than any MT box. Granted, MT has a few more features, but the average WISP doesn't need half the stuff that is in there. Any thoughts?

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