At this point, there are no mobile frequency profiles planned for UL at all.
This could change, but it won't likely change with respect to 5GHz; the
profile there will only be for 802.16-2004 (all fixed, all the time).

There may be some UL fixed WiMAX that gets certified this year, but be
appropriately cautious of any early UL WiMAX in terms of its ability to live
in an interfered environment. I suspect many existing products will handle
interference much better, at least until or unless some standardized or
proprietary mechanisms are added. And the addition of a proprietary
technique is a perfectly acceptable product strategy, so long as it is in
addition to, and not in replace of, the standard. That sort of technique is
a key way for vendors to differentiate products.

In terms of the people making the claims out your way, they are surely
overstating what they are doing, either intentionally or out of ignorance.
Both happen. In all likelihood, it is perhaps something like a Navini 2.4GHz
system (which is actually CDMA, not WiMAX) using Navini's PC card, or they
are using the term "mobile," when it is actually just portable or nomadic.
It might also simply be some mesh system, such as Motorola's (wherein their
marketing they work hard to confuse and otherwise borrow off the hype value
of WiMAX). 

One thing is for sure, "mobile WiMAX" and "unlicensed" are for now and the
foreseeable future are entirely mutually exclusive of the other.

As to whether licensed mobile WiMAX would have challenges in your area based
on terrain, the answer is no more or less than whether licensed cellular has
challenges. Every area presents a challenge, but all are easily overcome
depending on frequency and then the network architecture (e.g cell density
and frequency re-use)...and of course a workable business model and the
CAPEX to support it!

 - Patrick

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So these are just the licensed frequencies that will get mobile WIMAX.

There will be no unlicensed WIMAX mobile or fixed any time in 2006, is 
that correct?

One of the reasons I ask this is there is a group that claims they will 
be rolling out unlicensed mobile WIMAX here along the Oregon Coast 
sometime in the near future.
Considering that my terrain looks like this:

Would you agree that maybe mobile WIMAX licensed or unlicensed would 
have many challenges?


Patrick Leary wrote:
> The first profiles the WiMAX Forum will establish for mobile WiMAX
> (802.16e-2005) will be for 2.3GHz (WCS bands) and 2.5GHz (2.5-2.696GHz BRS
> EBS bands). Commercial products confirming to the STANDARD will begin to
> the market over the next few months, and these will take the form factor
> fixed products, but especially "portable" and nomadic, indoor only
> self-install CPE. Later this year and early next year, this will likely be
> bridged by PCMCIA versions by vendors until such time as the mass devices
> makers begin to role out devices. 
> The first e-2005 WiMAX Certifications are not scheduled though to occur
> until late this year. Officially, this certification is called "Wave III."
> There will also be a fourth wave that tests for full mobility (i.e.
> things like controllers and home agents).
> Patrick Leary
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> Alvarion, Inc.
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> c: 760.580.0080
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