Date: March 7, 2006*
PePLink announces as the official Citywide Wireless CPE provider for City of St. Cloud in Florida *

*Hong Kong, Mar 7, 2006 - *PePLink, a leader in citywide WiFi wireless broadband devices today announced the City of St. Cloud, FL, a suburb of Orlando, has chosen PePLink to be the official wireless CPE provider for the Cyber Spot, the City's 100% free citywide high-speed wireless Internet service.

With a reliable, secure, ease of use wireless CPE - PePLink Surf, every citizen or business in the city of St. Cloud can connect to the citywide wireless network at a high speed. The CPE greatly enhances the throughput and reliability of both up and down link compared with a wireless-enabled computer desktop or notebook computer.

The simple true plug and play nature of the PePLink Surf helps the citizens in St. Cloud to bring the wireless signal indoors with ease. At the same time, the PePLink Surf units can be remotely managed, monitored and provisioned by PePLink's carrier-grade management and reporting solution, PCMS (or PePLink Centralized Management System). This can ensure a scalable and rapid rollout of the wireless systems within a short period of time. This eliminates an onsite installation charge.

"Being chosen by City of St. Cloud has further endorsed our capability to offer reliable wireless solutions to municipal wireless networks built with mesh network technology," said Alex Chan, Managing Director of PePLink. "PePLink Surf together with PCMS is the complete solution specifically designed for today's citywide wireless networks."

PePLink Surf series consists of Surf 200BG and Surf 400BG. For more information on PePLink Surf series, please visit <>.

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The city is selling "signal boosters" (I read that as amps) to anyone that wants them for $170?

Oh man, this deployment is gonna come CRASHING down.  Hard.

It's really too bad these people are too ignorant, stubborn or just plain stupid to call any of us in to help.


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I am not a fan of muni wireless.

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