How do you raise the antennas above the trees without building really tall poles? Trees around here are 60-70ft.

City-owned fiber only exists in places with enough density that there aren't any trees to begin with. Residential areas generally have lots of trees and no reason for fiber runs.

900Mhz won't get you much throughput; certainly not enough to offer an alternative to DSL.


Jack Unger wrote:

Then the 5 GHz backhaul network must have antennas that are raised above the trees. Another option is to backhaul with city-owned fiber. Backhauling on 900 MHz is a possible third option. All it takes is rf knowledge, creativity, and cooperation.

Matt Liotta wrote:

Jack Unger wrote:

A multi-band mesh node does the backhaul on 5 GHz (sometimes with more than one 5 GHz radio). This reduces (but certainly doesn't eliminate) the 2.4 GHz self-interference and other-network-interference level.

You can't use 5 Ghz to go through trees here in Atlanta, so that won't help you. Multi-band mesh nodes simple don't work here.


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