Peter, I'd tend to agree with you... but think about this:

How many lawsuits have been filed against people for music swapping, purely
on the basis of ISP logs?

If I HAD any logs of customer activity ( I do not ) I would disclaim them
immediately - by responding that I have no conflidence in the accuracy,
content, time or date of any entry in the logs, and further, I cannot verify
that traffic to/from a specific IP has not been intercepted, either.

Now, should the authorities come to me with a specific request to help track
down someone violating the law, I will help any way I can.   But the
pre-emptive demands that we collect the data and hold it goes beyond beyond.

You have made excellent points concerning the validity of anything we
collect...  But again, just because it's not possible, not technically
feasible, unconstitutional, illegal, or any other point, doesn't mean a
thing.   Unless someone has the money to fight all the way to the SCOTUS
(lower courts seem to be willing to uphold anything, no matter how grossly
wrong ),  it's either comply or go out of business.

And no, the FBI and Congress, and the FCC won't give us 10 second's
consideration if the last one is the result.   They simply do not care.

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> All of this is pedantic.
> It seems consensus is this is a crazy idea.
> Everyone agrees.
> Problems:
> Hardship.
> Too much info.
> No chain of evidence.
> Unsecure.
> No space or time.
> Unreasonable.
> Who do we send the letter to?
> I'll help a board member or Mark K. compose one.
> Regards,
> Peter
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