I could be wrong but as I have followed this thread there are 2 issues at hand.

1) Does the government have a right to know the actions of Americans on the internet?

2) Is this a responsibility of the ISP to bear the burden of gathering this information or should the burden be carried by the feds themselves with little or no cost to the ISP?

This thread started out as we should not be allowing the government to know our every move. This is a political discussion that can not and should not be decided by an ISP, but rather the entire country. We don't have any jurisdiction on issues such as this.

We do however have a right to contest who is responsible for the burden of gathering this information.

I wanted to bring this out so that we all understand what this thread is about, what it started out as and what responsibility WISPA or any other ISP org has concerning this issue.

One is a social issue the other an industry wide issue.

George Rogato

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