I use 11b mode for most of my clients.   I have 3 routerboard 112's in long
distance shots, and I'm sorely disappointed at the performance.   Compared
to Star-OS, the throughput is down about 40%.    Two clients just one house
apart, and about 15 miles from the AP show dramatic performance differences.
The RSSI is the same for both, btw.   One, with compression and other
atheros features enabled will pass 1200KB of compressible data, around
520-540KB of non-compressible data.   Right next door, the best I can
achieve through the RB112 is around 350KB.   I see this dramatic deficit in
ALL my MT installs, in that none of them which are over 15 miles will come
anywhere near the throughput of the WRAP / Star-OS client.  All are CM9

I've looked through everything I can find, and checked the "compression" box
in the appropriate place (using winbox) but the performance is about the
same as my compex  boards's original firmware, which i judged to be

Am I missing something?   Is this just a setting problem or ???

Any help appreciated.

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