The biggest reason we use Trango is because we sell our wireless service as symmetrical. Even on the residential level, if they purchase 512k they get 512k down and 512k up. So, if I use Canopy, I have to do a 50/50 split, which means even the Advantage product only provides 7Mbps of "usable" bandwidth.

I would estimate 15% of our new signups for wireless are because of the symmetrical speed (even though 99% of them never use it). Another 15% comes from offering a real static IP address.


Matt Liotta wrote:

Gino A. Villarini wrote:

GPS sync is extra $$.

Of course you can also just string sync cables between radios for free.

True, but this is truly what makes canopy works and you have nice 3rd party options like and for the gps sync
units that start @ less than $300 for a 4 port Sync unit

Thanks for the reference to third party sync devices. I am not at all happy with the CMM. I looked at the devices from the respective vendors you shared. While they do look more in line with our needs than the CMM I was wondering if you have seen any third party sync devices that are rack mount and can handle 10+ radios. In fact, handling 24 radios would be awesome for us.


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