You guys are argueing about irrelevant topics

If memory serves me correctly, you provide non-oversubscribed wireless DIA
(leased line replacement) for SMB/Enterprises in a Tier1/2 urban market and
sell for $200-400 (if not higher) ARPU

Travis provides massively oversubscribed residential bandwidth <wink> and
competes against $20-40 access products

It's not apples to apples


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Travis Johnson wrote:
> The biggest reason we use Trango is because we sell our wireless
> service as symmetrical. Even on the residential level, if they 
> purchase 512k they get 512k down and 512k up. So, if I use Canopy, I 
> have to do a 50/50 split, which means even the Advantage product only 
> provides 7Mbps of "usable" bandwidth.
I understand that one Trango sector can provide more usable bandwidth 
than one Canopy sector. But, you can have more Canopy sectors on one 
base station than Trango. Therefore, on a per base station basis Canopy 
provides superior usable bandwidth.

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