Blair Davis wrote:
I would not even consider charging for a site survey.

Way too many possibilitys for bad press. I simply consider it a cost of doing business. Rarely do we have someone decline service if it can be done at our $199/$299 install rate. I have declines on the $799+ installs, but I expect those.

You must have better customers (or potential customers) than I do... Over the past three years my company has done hundreds of site surveys for folks that could get our service but never actually did, for whatever reason. That's hundreds of "pay guy to drive out there" and "put gas in truck" and it all adds up.

My boss recently decided to split the difference on site surveys - ask for a small deposit up-front, which is refunded if we can't get service. That way, our costs are covered, and so far it seems to be discouraging folks that aren't seriously interested in our service, which is exactly what we want. (This is actually a new-ish policy, so check back in a few months and I'll let you know whether it's really working like it should.)

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