I can't see charging for a failed site survey, but we do turn down customers that we know that we cannot reach. If we fail 3 customers on Pebble Ridge Drive, then customer numbers 4 and 5 probably won't get a truck roll, but the HOA in the area might get a call to see if we can put in an AP on that street. If we can make something big and (not too) ugly work, we might call back all 5 customers, as well as their neighbors.


KyWiFi LLC wrote:
I can see both sides. Since we haven't implemented the new policy
yet, we may just charge the $29.99 site survey fee if they decline
service after a successful site survey. We only charge $99 for installation
and our CPE is provided on a free-to-use basis as we are competing
against one other WISP, cable and DSL. Out of 10 site surveys, only
3 or 4 are successful due to the rolling terrain in our coverage area and
we have (17) broadcast sites! Now if we were using 900Mhz, we could
probably double our site survey success rate but fewer people would be
interested because of the cost of the 900Mhz CPE which we would have
to pass along to them in order for it to be feasible.

In a perfect world, prospects should expect to pay for an onsite site
survey because there are costs involved (labor and gas). Too bad we
don't live in a perfect world.

Hopefully unlicensed 700Mhz will become available in our lifetime and
we can avoid site surveys altogether. I wonder though if it will be less
costly than 900Mhz gear when/if that time does come?

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I would not be happy about the $29.95 fee. If you can get away with it go right ahead. I look at it the customer is betting $29.95 that they can get service. I would rather have it here if they can get service, and they don't then they are charged $29.95. If they can't get service why should they have to pay $29.95? That would be like going to buy a new car. You want a Blue one with a stick shift. The dealer can't get you one, but they charge you $29.95 for looking. I think the word will spread pretty quickly. Customers are a weird beast. I can see the coffee shop conversations now:

Joe:"Yeah that company came out and did a site survey to see if they could get me wireless"
  Bob " How did that go?"
Joe "The installer guy waived an antenna around and said he could not get me a signal"
  Bob "Too bad, so what now?"
  Joe "I don't know, but I got charged $29.95 for him coming out"
Bob "What? They are supposed to come out next week. I don't want them charging me $29.95 if they can't hook me up."

  Just my .02

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