I like this statement from the DBOSS manual:
Automated assignment of static IP to customer's PCs and gateways
Some network applications or services require the assignment of a static IP
address. Voice Over IP (VOIP) is probably the most notable of such. Normally,
the assignment of a static IP address would require that the customer's PC be
manually configured. TEAM avoids this by provisioning IP addresses to
customers based on the IP address and the MAC address of the CPE assigned
to the customer in dBOSS.

Isn't that DHCP? "Automated assignment of a static IP address"


Matt Liotta wrote:
I like how they end their pitch...

"The reason and dreams behind getting into the WiSP business in the first place
can finally be realized by contracting with RidgeviewTel’s WiSP Services division."


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
FREE OSS and Billing Software for WiSPS
And then there are all the paid services.....


read the pdf
prices on page 22, but I emailed them and they said the prices are changing. More like $250.00 a month for 0 - 250 customers (bundled services)


Pretty neat services they offer. I'm not technical enough to do it all on my own, this looks ok.....

Give me some input here. Are all these services needed? How does the value look?

Brian Rohrbacher

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