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I don;t know... It sounds like its probably a really good solution for someone who needs something for the WISP industry, and doesn't have anything now, or with a smaller number of subs starting out. There really are very few options out there that cover WISP's needs.

So I'm not crazy. Unless we both are. Either way I thought this system needed some looking into.

My negative comment is... Its probably a smart system only based on past history needs, apposed to next generation needs. For someone that already has money involved in infrastructure, they are going to want a system that is addressing tommorrows needs. Realization that inforcing rigit rules and structures no longer work. How are partner relationships managed?

How is billing done when most high ARPU business's demand paper billing?

This is something I don't get. What is the difference between me generating the bill, emailing it out, and them printing generating the printing it out........letting snail mail pick it up. It's the same. Both times it is generated, printed, and mailed. I don't paper bill. I just tell them to push print.

How is bandwdith management done when just limiting a single backhaul connection is no longer the requirement, and smarter things are needed like roaming policies, QOS, Labeling, Latency guarantees, nested/layered cell sites, MPLS type stuff, tracking dissimilar network equipmentthat gets deployed differently, etc..

I think this system will do exactly what it represents, help a WISP get started, so they can concentrate on selling, operate more efficiently, and track their progress for better obtaining funding, during the early years. But as soon as someone starts to scale,

If a WISP were mostly residential, what is a guesstimate of the number of subs one would have at the "starts to scale" time?

they are going to realize how they need to make their own custom solution because whats available isn't going to cut it, and its going to be cost jsutified to put complete solutions in place. I guess my point is, even the best solutions are not good enough.

It is hard to believe we are all so different in our operations. Is there not something available somewhere out there that would work for most? How can we get anything done as an industry in we all have to invent our own wheel from scratch. Well, I hope it is obvious that I need a "WISP services" service, because I do. The things that scares me about dboss services is it's not mine. It'd be nice to be able to have some program that does all the "WISP services" but is installed on my server in my data center and only I have access. That way no one can mess it up for me and no one can keep me out.


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On Sun, 29 Oct 2006, Charles Wu wrote:

We failed miserably as a WISP, but now we'll apply our "know-how" and help you "succeed"

???  Where did you get this impression?

P.S. Looking at their web site, they look like a Tranzeo reseller

Ahhh...I see why you said that...

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