To dispel the FUD about this, the "law" is dealing with the 2006 Amendments to 
the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure addressing discovery of electronically 
stored information. Link to pdf review. 

Secondly, if you are presented with a properly written subpoena, you do have 
rules to live by, e.g., Electronic Communications Privacy Act or 1986. 

Frank Muto
FSM Marketing Group, Inc

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> As a common carrier I can understand and agree. What about providing E-mail 
> services to our customers, do we then need to keep copies of all e-mail that 
> comes into or goes out our server?
> Tim Kerns
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>> We are common carriers.  We no more have to copy peoples e-mail than the 
>> phone company has to record the contents of every call.
>> Tim Kerns wrote:
>>> I caught a brief report on FoxNews today about a requirement for keeping 
>>> copies of E-mail. It seems that we may be required to maintain a copy for 
>>> use at later time for criminal courts. Anyone know of this or have more 
>>> info on it? Is it every ISP or only Corporations. This could be 
>>> disasterious..... sell alot of storage devices... The Foxnews report says 
>>> the requirement begins today and as usual not a lot of detail.
>>> Tim Kerns
>>> CV-Access, Inc.
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>> Blair Davis
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