Call the guy, explain that his billing slipped through the cracks, and that
he presently owes you for 15 months.   Explain that you're going to charge
the current charges to his credit card (no quibble on that) and then ask how
he'd like to pay the rest of what's owing.

I have some customer's who'd cut me a check.   I have some who'd tell me
it's my fault and no way were they paying without an argument.

I had someone call me the other day, because  they were to renew an annual
subscription in December and hadn't gotten a bill.

I dunno how or why they weren't billed, but they were in the system and
flagged to be billed in December, but for some reason, no bill was printed
or mailed.   I like customers like that.   Then there's the other guy who
was 4 months behind, but didn't pay until I visited him twice.

Still, your goal is to retain customers, not get rid of them.

Whatcha gonna do?   I'd try my best to collect, but I don't threaten anyone.
I ask if they can't pay, to call me, and I'll put them on dialup speed until
such time they can, and I'll even forgive past due, if need be.  It costs...
but it pays...  My competition is real nasty with contracts and payments...
This is one way I can "nicely" kick them in the teeth :)

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Subject: [WISPA] I missed billing a customer for 15 months !

> Hi.  About 15 months ago I had my main tower get hit by lightning
> (catastrophic hit).  It took me a little while to get all of the bugs
> out with the repairs.  During this time I had a customer's credit card get
> declined.  I deactivated his card, then forgot to move him to our
> system.  He never called to say "hey - I'm not getting billed" (imagine
> that), and I just now did a credit card check to find this problem.  What
> would you do?
> a) My mistake - let it go.  Bill him from the current month.
> b) Try to bill his CC for the full amount (ouch!!)  (Our customers sign an
> agreement that we will automatically bill their CC monthly).
> c) Send him a bill for the full amount.
> d) Disconnect his service and let the past "un-charges" slide, then charge
> him $200 to reconnect his service.
> e) Any other ideas?
> I am opting for "a" above because it was my mistake.
> Thanks,
> Brad H
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