The above confuses me. In the situation where I have a PtP radio using the full band there is no colocation opportunity for a competitor on either side. That means the competitor would have be on a site near by to be affected by me and/or to affect me. If this hypothetical competitor doesn't have any customers then the deployment must be PtMP base station since a PtP wouldn't be very useful without a customer. Certainly the power output from a PtMP base station is going to be considerably less than my PtP link making it unlikely my equipment would be affected. Further, equipment that uses large channel widths tend to run simple modulations that have very good receive sensitivity.

Several of us on this list know how to shut down these large channel backhauls, and have done so when they have intentionally interfered with our operations. Be ready for someone to do the same to you if you try using a full-band backhaul. More than one operator who thought they would take over the entire band got a rude surprise when the gear suddenly didn't work anymore. 24ghz is a completely different story, as the beam sizes are very small and lots of colocation can take place. I think you are on the right track with the 24ghz solution.

Matt Larsen

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