The GiGe radio is only 500 Mb    :-)

You can do that now with 3 Ceragon or Dragonwave radios phased into 1 antenna with much better redundancy. If one link dies you still have the other two.

And they are available now with type acceptance.


Brad Belton wrote:

Not only that, but is the GigE radio even available yet?


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The Gigacom product is the only one that you can get any real long
distance out of depending on the freq. They have licensed radios that
perform very well in the rainforest of South America at very long distance.
60k or 40 miles for some applications at speeds of up to a Gig. One of if
not the best Gig. radio on the mrkt.
Those radios aren't FCC certified. And no, I won't being using an experimental license until they are certified like the sales person suggested.


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