We have done Dragon Wave with links over 20 miles at 18ghz. with 4 ft dishes.(23ghz is very low powered and would get you more then a few miles) We have seen a few minutes a year in rain fade as it is pushing the limits. There is now an high power unit that has about 10db more tx power then ours, they also have an 11GHz product which of course has fewer issues with heavy rain. Just be forewarned that a 4 or 6 foot dish at 18ghz has a beam width of less then 1deg and and fine tuning is time consuming and very touchy. They also have to be mounted on a very rigid structure so if it is going on a tower it has to be a hefty or the wind can easily play with your alignment. Excellent gear and service would recommend them.


Bob Moldashel wrote:
24 Ghz. won't do 5-10 miles.

The other option is an Exalt 2.4 Ghz. or 5 Ghz radio. 100 Mb Full Duplex (Yes 2.4 Ghz.) for around $15-16K plus antennas


Matt Liotta wrote:

John Scrivner wrote:

Wow! Business must be good!

That depends on your perspective. We have a ton of orders and are racing to service them all. The more we install the more capacity upgrades we have to do meaning even more installs. This kind of growth is extremely challenging because if it isn't done correctly we can destroy the company.

Look at licensed. I know that is obvious but I think it is the only way short of bonding Orthogons together. I thought the max distance for 70 GHz gbps radios was about 7 miles. It has been a while since I read the specs. I am sure the rain fade would be an issue here. There is actually much less attenuation of 70 GHz than there is at 60 GHz. There is a spike of absorption of 60 GHz where water molecules eat that signal. It gets better above 60 GHz. I believe that you can go through the air better with as high as 100 GHz than what you can with 60 GHz. Obviously there are other licensed options in lower frequency space as well. I know Charles has some experience running licensed high capacity backhaul. Charles, what do you run for backhaul over 100 mbps FDX?

Licensed doesn't make a lot of sense for us. We simply don't have the ability to predict where are growth is coming from. We routinely upgrade existing backhauls and/or reconnect our POPs together in different ways to increase our capacity and redundancy. With licensed we are forced to have a static configuration.

I thought 24 GHz unlicensed had limited bandspace which made the top end about 100 mbps FDX?

DragonWave seems to have a 24Ghz unlicensed product that can do 200Mbps full duplex.


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