Wow Brad,

With as long as you have been at this and the knowledge level you have I am surprised you could be so far off the mark on this one. VL does automodulate and has better RF characteristics than their hoppers did. It won't backoff and die when presented with noise and will still transmit. It is THE business class product IMHO. Alvarion is making an effort to reach out to the WISP market by making this radio available at this reduced price. It is the exact same radio that normally costs more. They are trying to empower the WISP to use quality gear. To say the gears quality has gone down, hence a lower price is simply not true.

Mike Cowan

At 02:11 PM 12/22/2006, you wrote:
Hello Marlon,

VL won't be a good choice as a committed rate business grade product as it
will modulate down in a noisy environment.  Without any RX threshold
mechanism the VL radio begins to slow and drop packets under heavy business
class loads in unfriendly RF environments.  Even the references given to me
by Alvarion while overall have been happy with the product are not using VL
for committed rate business class service.  IMO, Alvarion is now pushing the
VL product as a residential "best effort" solution...hence the dramatic drop
in price.

In Patrick's words:
"A $285 all inclusive CPE with nothing extra to buy, piece together, etc.
should fall within the residential business model of even small WISPs."

We've been there and almost lost a valuable client trying to use VL for a
committed rate business class customer.

The VL gear is a high quality product with a number of valuable features,
but it is missing a few key items that keep it form performing well (or at
all) as a committed rate business class solution.  Only reason for my post
was because of your intended use of the VL product.

Best and Merry Christmas!


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