I too am interested in what the minium price would be to put up a POP
using Alvarion gear. I really like my Trango gear but this stuff
sounds awesome and from what I read the Comnet program is just what I
am looking for. To compare to build out a Trango POP it costs about
1600 that includes AP, a switch and a battery backup system. Can
Alvarion get close to this?

On 12/22/06, Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
It's much closer Patrick.  That's for sure.

Let run some numbers though.

Tranzeo or Inscape Data ap:
$450ish.  Will deliver an honest 3 to 4 megs to almost anyone at ranges up
to 10 miles.  1 to 2 megs out to 15 miles.
Sector antenna, $400.
Or omni and amp, $500 to $700 depending on the quality of the amp and
This'll handle roughly 75 to 100 users pretty easily.
If we need 3 sectors we're still at $2500 or so for the whole pop, battery
backup, switch, cables etc.  If we're lucky that'll even include backhaul.

For CPE the cost is gonna be around:
15dB integrated antenna version (good to 3 to 5 miles) $180ish
18dB version (out to around 8 miles) $200ish
$12ish for antenna brackets (I don't buy the cheap ones, only the good ones
from PacWireless)
$10 to $20 for cable ($.15 to $.25 per foot)
Misc. nuts and bolts $20.
We're at $225 $250 per sub plus labor.

Connectorized version, $180ish
24dB grid antenna, $90ish (I don't buy cheap antennas, only Andrew cast
magnesium (same as the Alvarion ones))
Mount, $12
Misc. nuts and bolt, tape etc. $20
Cable, $10 to $20.

This one comes in closer to $350 when it's all said and done.

Believe me, I understand about the long term maintenance costs too.  But
I've got to compete against cable, dsl, fiber to the home or all of the
above in ALL of my population density centers and a lot of my rural areas.

Most of my towers have fewer than 25 users on them.  Many are under 10.
Only a few are anywhere near 50 and one serves around 100.  Last year we
installed over 80 new radios (some of them were for our use, some were
upgrades etc.) and have, so far, around 60 new subs.  This with basically no
marketing effort at all, and in the face of amazing competition.  Per
customer there are VERY few out there that have more competitive services.

Our network now spans around 6000 square miles.  It's taken over 20 sites
with nearly 30 ap's to do this.  Our growth potential is really good.  But
not in all areas, some areas there just aren't any homes, so there won't be
any more customers coming.

We are NOT running business grade services on anyone's wifi gear.  Today
we're using Trango.  $1200ish per ap and $300ish per cpe (averaged out).
They'll deliver 8 to 9 megs of real world throughput right out of the box.
Great security and flexibility.

Alvarion has been loyal to WISPA and Trango's still not here though.  I want
to go play with the new Alvarion gear, I don't have any single area with
enough growth to keep me in the program though.  Even with resi. customers
tossed in.  If I were in Spokane, Seattle, Yakima etc. it would be a no
brainer for me.  The interference robustness, the scalability, the
upgradeability etc. all make this a much more cut and dried decision.
Especially the inference issues.  I look at what we fight with out here with
relatively few alien devices in the air.  How guys like Forbes keep their
customers running is a mystery to me.  The manpower overhead has to be a

How do those numbers compare with a similar VL solution????  Help me find a
way to justify the big boy toys.  Trust me, the idea that I'd not need to do
any work on my network appeals to me more and more with every new customer.
But we're still taking care of things with 1.75 people and I spend an
average of 25% to 30% of my day on these lists and other WISPA type duties
so I probably really only count for a 3/4 time person.  If I'd totally
automate my billing, get rid of my time on the lists and forward the office
calls to my cell phone I could probably do this with one person.  (saving
around $17,000 per year in payroll)  But who wants to work that hard
forever?  And Mary is much nicer on the phone than I am :-).

Have a great Christmas!
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