My sentiments exactly, I was about to type something very similar but have
had a busy morning and hadn't gotten to it yet.  I try to steer clear of
lists that allow this behavior to continue.  As moderator of this list, I
should have cracked down on this quicker than this.  I appreciate your
support during my lapse of moderating effort :)  Tone it down folks, lets
start the new year out right.


Rick Harnish
OnlyInternet Broadband & Wireless, Inc.
Founding Member of WISPA

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Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2006 12:03 PM
Subject: Re: [WISPA] Alvarion Comnet Radios have arrived

Brad, I just am getting a bit gun shy now when I see you post a 
complaint about no polarity this - no dual band that - or whatever your 
beef of the day is with VL. When you do it we inevitably get to see 
Patrick or Brad Larson go into defense mode which gets tiresome also. It 
is like some twisted tennis match that has no love. (pun intended)

It might be different if it were not the same story told over and over 
again. I am sorry I felt compelled to come down on you guys about these 
things but I am getting very annoyed and I bet I am not alone.

With that said I can also say that Alvarion does not get to bash Trango 
or Canopy or others on here any longer. Alvarion representatives will be 
called on this from now on when it happens. I have seen Trango and 
Canopy both represented in a very bad light by 2 Alvarion 
representatives on this list in the last 48 hours and it needs to stop. 
Intelligent comparisons about features and benefits are encouraged. 
Trashing one vendor over another (by a vendor) is going to stop right now.

WISPs get to complain (briefly please) about issues they have with 
vendors. We all need to know what is working and what is broken. 
Sometimes the problem can be solved by others who saw the same thing and 
know a solution. Sometimes the vendor can intervene and be the hero for 
all to see. Vendors need to use this list as a resource and see first 
hand what people are saying about their products. They  should help 
their customers here, on the list, when they can. Trying to defend every 
statement made leads to flame wars and hurt feelings and generally does 
not help solve anything. Use the list the way it was intended please. 
This is my number one issue here today.

To all of you, this list was not created to be a place where people 
complain endlessly about gear all day long just as it is not a place to 
advertise gear all day long. This is not the purpose. Say your 
complaints and attaboys clearly and mean them and then move on. If you 
are a vendor and want to compare your features and such then so be it 
but no more trashing the other guy on here. It is tiresome, childish and 
non-productive and, imho, it hurts the image of this association when 
you guys do it.

I will gladly continue this debate / discussion / flame / whatever 
offlist. I will not complain about you guys on here any longer. 
Continuing to complain over and over again about you guys on here would 
be redundant and non-productive, right? I think I have made my point 
clearly and I am ready to move on. Let's have a Happy New Year and start 
next year off right with good posts with substance that help our 
industry prosper.

Brad Belton wrote:

>My statement below is simply a fact regarding committed rate business class
>service.  If Alvarion Support could have made it work then the gear would
>still be up and the client would still be using it.
>How many times have I said Alvarion makes a quality product?  How many
>have I said I'd love to be able to use Alvarion?  How many times have I
>this isn't about one brand vs. another, but rather results?
>John, I get the feeling you just aren't reading through the posts
>completely.  Clearly I do not "hate VL" instead I'd love to see the product
>IMPROVED!  What is so wrong with that?
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>Subject: Re: [WISPA] Alvarion Comnet Radios have arrived
>>The Alvarion VL is great for bursty, best effort requirements where 90% of
>>the user applications can wait for that clear air within the noise floor,
>>but not for committed rate business class service.
>Brad, I see your almost continuous negative posts about VL and cannot 
>help but wonder why you continue to send these posts over and over and 
>over to this list. I do not need to be told every day that VL is bad in 
>the "world according to Brad Belton". We have all heard you say it 100 
>times I think. (Maybe several time that if we look at your posts to 
>other lists about the same issues) Please change the record. There are 
>many of us who do not agree with you that find your non-stop nitpicking 
>posts to be a nuisance to this list.
>We get hate VL. You stated your piece and we all read about 
>it, OVER and OVER. Alvarion is open to criticism just as any other 
>platform and we show no favoritism but enough is enough. Please move on 
>to another topic.
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