Interesting. Only 7500 b/g ap's in 50 square miles. Anyone care to run the radio mobile map of that? hehehehe At least they should almost all be indoors. But that's still 150 ap's per square mile!!!! Yikes. That does NOT count microwave ovens, non wifi devices, phones, cameras etc. etc. etc.

I tought it interesting that they say that there are already so many networks already in the area. But go ahead, build another one anyway!

First of all the number you quoted is wrong there are about 30,000 in a 50 square mile area.

As quoted from the post:

"...but our testing shows that approximately 75 percent of these networks are set to channel 6, a common default channel. With this in mind, it’s very possible to deploy an effective wireless network by setting RF channels in a manner that avoids conflict with the existing WiFi networks. Additionally, we found that activity on the existing networks is very low (on average, less than five percent utilization). This means that there’s still room in the 2.4GHz band, at least for municipal WiFi networks!"

"...but most reside in small businesses and homes and they generally don’t bother with changing channels."

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