There are many cases like yours, that had shown to be successfull, selling 
at low margin.  Its sounds like you've found a good way to do it.

However, as a note to others that are thinking to get into that segment of 
the market...
There are a couple drawbacks...

Often the support is needed at Night, not days. One must think whether they 
want to do a business giving support during that time.
Sure it can be outsouces ($1.50 per sub?), but that takes a significant 
chunk out of the monthly if you are charging $5/sub, and it takes away your 
correspondance with the subscriber base, which can minimize value add up 
sell oportunities.  The outsourced companies usually have protection to stop 
service or biill more for it, when exceeding a specified pre-agreed number 
of hours of support.  Many building owners pick providers that give good 
support, because they don't want to hear the complaints themselves. I'm 
aware of one company that changed WISPs 7 times in 7 years, because each new 
provider got to many complaints from customers, because the outsourced 
supprot was not good enough. When the WISP gets fired in a year, they may 
have madfetheir money back for infrastructure, but they spend a lot of time 
with no profit in retur, when all said and done. Lastly, tenant buildings 
are known for AC power problems, and many infrastructure devices are in 
locations not accessible by end users, to check for power or reboot devices, 
which means truck rolls.

When ever possible its a good option to work in to the agreement that the on 
duty building engineers will take responsibility to check equipment or 
reboot it, prior to a truck roll.

Its also should be noted that vandalism can be high. I can;t count how many 
truck rolls we had because someone unplugged our gear, stole our Coax 
splitters (for their cable :-), even stole our access points for within 
their home.  This means you need to think about mounting equipment in a 
secure manner, often will all components under lock and key, which again, 
can prevent ease to reboot equipment.  Even if teh power coard is outside of 
the locked box, its just a matter of time before a maintenance man or 
cleaner unplugs it, to plug in their drill or vacume.

I remember one case where an evicted tenant, picked the lock of the 
electrical room, set up his sleeping bag on the fllor, and unplugged our 
broadband, to plug in his TV and Music keyboard. :-)

I guess what I'm saying is, its not all gravy. It requires a well thought 
out deployment, to make it profitable, if charging a low margin.  My 
personally opinion, is not to go cheap, but to try and charge top dollar, 
and be prepared to give the support, and deploy repliably.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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> We've done a lot of condos.  For free wifi, a 2.4 mesh network like
> open-mesh covers most decent sized condos (~100 units) for less than a
> grand.   Then you can charge $5/unit, blow away the cable company and have
> the thing paid back in 3 months.
> We also install pay on demand which has had moderate success - a 120 unit
> apartment condo building, $9.95/wk, $19.95/month, we get about 10-15 
> signups
> a month and Meraki sends us a check minus their fee.  Still takes a year 
> or
> so to pay it back but its really been a zero maintenance building minus 
> the
> occasional person who can't get their wifi working at first.
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> Subject: [WISPA] MSOs investing heavily in wi-fi rollouts
>> One trend I'm seeing is for cable companies to purchase a ubiquitous
>> wifi infrastructure in new areas.
>> These numbers aren't too far off from some numbers I saw yesterday:
>> --$50K to put in ubiquitous wifi for a time share condo (retail is way
>> more, like $70K; but MSOs get discounts)
>> --$20/mo for each unit
>> --$20/mo * 100 units * 12 months = $24,000/year in revenue the cable
>> cable company can ear
>> => paid off equipment in approx two years
>> Anyone else seeing those numbers / trends?
>> In fact, it seems as if bringing cable companies into the deals has been
>> a sure way to close these large purchases in some cases.
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