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Subject: [WISPA] Topic change - Trade Association Was: Report: FCC to 
PunishComcast Over Web Blocking

> I will got out here and say it. There is NO excuse not to support WISPA, 
> NONE! So for all of you on this general list not
> supporting WISPA, you are losing out on an opportunity to make your 
> livelihood last and support your families for years to
> come. $25 a month is a small price to pay for some representation in a 
> industry that is supporting yourself and families. I
> am sure you can find that much on wasted expenses every month.

Yes, there is.   Until the current leadership gets their head out of the 
sand and starts fighting FOR US, instead of playing the FCC's patsy, I will 
not give them another dollar.

When the boys came back from DC and posting to the lists that "CALEA" and 
the reporting mandates were good things, I could no longer in good 
conscience give them another dollar to use to use AGAINST US.   Whatever 
they did or said in DC on that topic, IN NO WAY REPRESENTED ME OR THE 

When I saw certain WISPA leadership glom onto the idea of a CALEA mandate 
being an opportunity to extract more money and blackmail more memberships, I 
was immediately convinced that they were in it FOR THEM, and not us.    I 
even saw posting by someone who said that CALEA would be good for WISPA. 
Not good for the members = good for WISPA?

Hell NO!  I will not play that game.

We got local, state and federal governemnt playing that game, why would I 
voluntarily add WISPA to it?

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