Well... I did but I didn't.

You can have as big of a pipe into the world that you want.  Heck our office
has 45Mb symmetrical.  But my downloads here are no faster at home because
of the limits on the servers your downloading from... and heck just the
internet in general.

There is a point where no matter how fast your internet connection is...
it's not going to feel any faster.  Your router will not have enough
horsepower to handle it... or your computer won't.

At the end of the day I think people demand service.  I'm talking about say
90% of the users out there.  Of course the 10% that know tech are going to
want all of the speed they can get... but do we really need it?

Anyways... it amazes me how many WISP's only offer 1Mb speed packages...
their base one being 128Kb.  But in their part of the country that is what
works.  Wireless in cities saturated with Cable/DSL is probably best left to
businesses where your competing against T-1 lines and Fiber.

Daniel White
3-dB Networks

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>> I would challenge... is why does anyone need more than 2Mb at home?
>> Now if I'm downloading files.. :-)
>I think you just answered your own question.
>David Smith
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