Kenneth Fraser wrote:
> Greetings,
>  From my experience when I run into an IE bug (double-margin / 3 pixel
> jog) that could use height: 1% to fix it, I use display: inline as an
> alternative and it saves a hack in your code or one less reason to
> use a conditional comment. I haven't noticed any problems with other
> browsers using this and I test on around 10 of them. Perhaps I
> haven't seen the particular scenario yet but I think the height: 1%
> fix can safely be tucked under a rug.

"height:1%" or "height:0" or whatever "height" you set gives layout to an
element, which is not the case with "display:inline".
Making sure an element "hasLayout" is a big tool in the box when it comes to
fix IE bugs.

Thierry |

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