One of our responsibility as a member of the WSG is to "Promote "web standards" within the development community," so here is our chance. If we don't do anything about this, than that totally defeats the purpose of WSG's existence. Where do we start?

Jay Gilmore <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Minh D. Tran wrote:
> I personally believe as "Accessibility Evangelists," part of our
> responsibilities is to bring this to their attention. These are web
> designing instructors, they are teaching more and more people to design
> the "tables" way, which is the exact way that we are trying eliminate.
This is the exact same reason for my main argument in my thread on
Calling for a scalable business case for web standards for small
business. My point was, and still is, that groups like WaSP and WSG need
to take more of an advocacy role on in the larger community. Yes it
makes sense to convert the people who have gone through these programs
but if business demanded that sites be standards based and accessible
then schools who teach otherwise will stop graduating people into nested
table hell.

Don't tell me to join a WSG in my local area. Don't tell me that we
should just keep doing the work. We need to get up on our soap boxes and
convert business, thought leaders and educators that standards matter
and that building a broken web is bad for everyone.

I know that there are members of WaSP who are trying to get educators on
board but there is still a bunch of people out there who are ex graphic
designers or visual developers who know only Dreamweaver or StopDead
(GoLive) who are asked to teach because they have won some prize or
worked for a big company.

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