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I feel it is worth pointing out that not all educational institutions are still teaching table based design. As an educator I feel I am in a great position to make a difference at a 'grass roots' level. Students studying web design at our college (Ultimo TAFE) are exposed to about as much evangelism as they can take! ..............................

It was interesting reading your post James because it seems that TAFEs across the country may vary widely despite courses supposedly being drawn from a national based syllabus and providing national accreditation.

I recently completed a Certificate IV in Web Design at the Bendigo TAFE (BRIT) and my experience was anything but what you describe. Students were permitted to design their final assignment, a total web site of their choosing, in any layout they wished, even Frames! Yes, they were expected to validate both their xhtml and css, but only to low levels. Tables seemed to be the most popular layout used. Personally, I did the course to learn more about css layouts and I achieved this. Some help was achieved through contact with one particular lecturer who was enthusiastic, but out of date and teaching deprecated tags at times. However, to his credit, he was willing to do the research and admit his shortcomings. Most of my learning regarding structure of css sites came from active participation in a forum at www.htmlforums.com where the moderators are certainly evangelists for css layouts.



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