On 19 Mar 2007, at 14:42:38, Bob Schwartz wrote:

The test site at


has been refurbished to make it more standards compliant,

before moving on to the accessibility "layer" I would appreciate it if you guys could check it out for any errors or "wrong practices"

One thing I notice is that the links in the navigation have title attributes which, when they appear as a tooltip, obscure the contents of the submenus and of the menu items further down the page (I've looked in Safari and Firefox, BTW).

Of course, when you move off the link the tooltip vanishes, but it reminded me of something that one of the speakers (I believe it was Anne McMeekin of the Royal National Institute for the Blind) mentioned at the WSG London Accessibility meetup a couple of weeks ago: a partially-sighted user might well have a screen magnification of as much as 32 times normal (or more), and the appearance of a big yellow tooltip box obscuring the actual content is usually a major hindrance to them.

In this case, such a user might not even notice that a submenu (which could be partially off the right of their screen) had appeared, nor would they be able to scan down the main menu until the tooltip finally disappeared.

As no screenreaders read title attributes by default (and no screenreader user ever changes the default setting, apparently) you aren't really deriving any benefit (at least in accessibility terms) from the title attributes, so they might as well go.

Generally though I think it looks extremely good :-)



(Apologies if I've misrepresented what was said at the WSG meetup, but I believe I've remembered it correctly :-)
Nick Fitzsimons

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