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> I am finally to begin to stop supporting IE6 starts from 2011 as the usage
> has fallen below 5%. I don't want the IE6 users to see a broken page due to
> no special treatment made for the browser, rather, I would like them to see
> an un-styled page as if the style sheet has switch off.
> Can this be done?

Rather than a completely unstyled page I use a combination of
http://code.google.com/p/universal-ie6-css/ (alternatively you could write a
basic stylesheet, setting your usual typefaces and colours but leaving
layout to the default - time box it to something like ten minutes' effort).

<!--[if ! lte IE 6]><!-->
link to normal css
 <!--[if lte IE 6]>
link to IE6 css

That way it doesn't cost anything in good browsers; I'm not spending time on
IE6; but anyone stuck on IE6 (eg in a corporate environment) does get
something styled (a lot of people equate unstyled with broken).

Because I favour actively pushing IE6 out I do include a little message just
for IE6, respectfully suggesting the user should upgrade or ask their IT
people if an upgrade would be possible.

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