Also, I forgot to mention - If you are looking to get people to move to a newer 
browser, simple implement a small banner, maybe static header or footer, that 
recommends some newer browsers.

This can be added into your override CSS file for the outdated browser(s).

Eric Taylor
< Elements Aside />

On Dec 18, 2010, at 11:16 PM, James Ducker <> wrote:

> Imho, we should take care of any layout issue, but not try to get fancy
> effects via extra markup, images, filters, and other hacks. In short, IE6
> should get layout fixes and miss on properties like "border-radius",
> "opacity", etc.
> So no need for a specific styles sheet imo.
> The reason for this is twofold though: firstly, you want to coax people off 
> of IE6. Secondly, you want to keep their user experience sane. IE6's 
> rendering engine was not designed with many of today's more modern layouts 
> and techniques in mind, and the average IE6 user will have an average XP box 
> that will chug like hell on large or JS-or-DOM-complicated pages.
> - James
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