Thanks. I need to look into it and run a few tests.

I think it may not be a safest approach as I vaguely remember I experienced a 
few issue using @import with CSS compression and CSS file merging script. 
Script that brings CSS3 selectors for IE such as selectivizr also cannot handle 
@import properly - I only tried it once and two style sheets are using @import 
but are placed inside a main style sheet.


On Dec 18, 2010, at 6:15 AM, G.Sørtun wrote:

>> I am finally to begin to stop supporting IE6 starts from 2011 as the usage 
>> has fallen below 5%. I don't want the IE6 users to see a broken page due to 
>> no special treatment made for the browser, rather, I would like them to see 
>> an un-styled page as if the style sheet has switch off.
>> Can this be done?
> Of course... :-)
> How to & demo here:
> <>
> It is up to you how "unstyled" IE6 shall present a page. I would give it 
> "some".
> regards
>        Georg

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