Hi all,

as announced previously I have good news: We have a very large set of packages 
for the following distributions:

- openSUSE 12.1 & Factory (12.2)
- Fedora 15
- Fedora 16

And now we can say x2go is enterprise-ready:

- SLES 11
- RHEL 5
- RHEL 6

At this point I would like to thank Jan Engelhardt - Without him this wouldn't 
had been possible in such a short period of time.

To see the full OBS project please take a look at:


To add the repositories, please navigate to:


The SUSE based packages have been tested and are working great. All 
distributions have been built to only depend on what is included within the 
base distro packages. We are _not_ amused by the behaviour like Red Hat works 
with extended packages they don't want to give support for (like by calling 
EPEL "a well-maintained" repository [1]). We also must say, that the "modern" 
versions have been a lot "easier" than the rest, just because of the dependency 
stuff. All packages have been verified through all kind of (and sometimes also 
super weird stict) brpchecks and rpmlint checks, so the package format should 
be fine with about any distro which takes care of clean buildroot-based package 

There has been a lot of effort to generalize the packages to have just one 
single SPEC-file for on package on all distros. This resulted in various 
patches we kindly request to get upstream, as we really think these patches are 
a great enhancement.

As a result of what we had as a code base and the build requirements we were 
not able to provide x2goplasmabindings for the older (enterprise) 
distributions, for example.

Now about what's coming next:

- Please test, test, test. Just send us any feedback back to this list, as we 
really want x2go to work on more than debian/ubuntu.
- For the moment we concentrated on the SQLite based stuff, although PostgreSQL 
should also work
- We hope to see some tarballs regarding the plugins which have been created 
some time ago (http://plugin.x2go.org is offline :() to get them packaged as 
- Looking to get all our patches upstream with X2Go main development (Alex, 
- Get all packages to the (broke) upstream OBS project X11:RemoteDesktop:x2go

Feel free to comment, suggest, whatever - Thanks!

Just for the fun - some numbers:

Patch sizes (lines):

find . -iname "*.diff" | xargs -l1 wc -l | sort -rn
2382 ./nx-libs/unique-libnames.diff
380 ./nx-libs/parallel-make.diff
180 ./nx-libs/honor-ac-dirs.diff
122 ./nx-libs/standard-dirs.diff
102 ./nx-libs/so-version.diff
98 ./nx-libs/use-shared-libs.diff
92 ./x2goserver/man2html.diff
74 ./nx-libs/configure-args.diff
64 ./fdupes/fdupes-sort-output.diff
51 ./vh-man2html/man2html-automake.diff
45 ./fdupes/fdupes.diff
34 ./libssh/remove-pedantic-errors.diff
26 ./x2goclient/protos.diff
24 ./nx-libs/no-x11r6.diff
22 ./x2goserver/parallel-make.diff
22 ./x2goclient/parallel-make.diff
22 ./x2goclient/man2html.diff
22 ./x2goclient/fd729eb-fix-segfault.diff
16 ./x2gognomebindings/implicit.diff
13 ./cmake/cmake-disable-builtin-chrpath.diff

Spec sizes (lines):

find . -iname "*.spec" | xargs -l1 wc -l | sort -rn
1736 ./nx-libs/nx-libs.spec
250 ./x2gothinclient/x2gothinclient.spec
196 ./x2goserver/x2goserver.spec
148 ./xz/xz.spec
134 ./libssh/libssh.spec
130 ./libcap/libcap.spec
111 ./x2goclient/x2goclient.spec
105 ./libevent/libevent.spec
105 ./cmake/cmake.spec
97 ./cmake/cmake-gui.spec
95 ./perl-DBD-SQLite/perl-DBD-SQLite.spec
88 ./perl-DBI/perl-DBI.spec
82 ./python-x2go/python-x2go.spec
78 ./perl-macros/perl-macros.spec
77 ./x2gognomebindings/x2gognomebindings.spec
76 ./python-greenlet/python-greenlet.spec
76 ./perl-Config-Simple/perl-Config-Simple.spec
71 ./x2godesktopsharing/x2godesktopsharing.spec
71 ./pinentry-x2go/pinentry-x2go.spec
71 ./cups-x2go/cups-x2go.spec
70 ./python-pycrypto/python-pycrypto.spec
68 ./qmake/qmake.spec
68 ./python-distribute/python-distribute.spec
67 ./x2golxdebindings/x2golxdebindings.spec
67 ./python-gevent/python-gevent.spec
66 ./x2goplasmabindings/x2goplasmabindings.spec
62 ./vh-man2html/vh-man2html.spec
61 ./python-paramiko/python-paramiko.spec
61 ./fdupes/fdupes.spec
53 ./eh-man2html/eh-man2html.spec
43 ./makepasswd/makepasswd.spec

Best regards,

- mike
Michael Kromer

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/spacewalk-devel/2011-October/msg00058.html

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