On Wednesday 2012-02-15 10:27, Mike Gabriel wrote:

> Hi Michael, hi Jan, hi all,
>most of Jan's patches have been included (accepted) by NX

This implies what? I thought NoMachine closed down NX such that X2go
is now "without a parent" so to speak, and thus the new authoritative
source. Or not?

> On So 12 Feb 2012 21:55:27 CET Michael Kromer wrote:
>> 2382 ./nx-libs/unique-libnames.diff
>Mike loves this one!!! Especially thanks for this piece of awesome
>work. If I take a look at the file list of the Debian package
>libnx-x11, I can still see some lib files that are not renamed to
>the new scheme (libNX_<name>.so). Does this need some more

Xcomp, Xcompext and Xcompshad are specific to NX and did not clash with 
any Xorg-X11 lib, so I chose not to add a prefix at first. But I do not 
really mind them getting a NX_ prefix either. The pkgconfig files also 
need updating, they still show the old names.

[It would have also been a lot easier if NX/x2go used
X11R7 as a base. Imakefiles make sick and the specfile is huge.]

>> 122 ./nx-libs/standard-dirs.diff
> libXcomp* are unusable outside of the /usr/${libdir}/nx context. So it is
> misleading to place them into /usr/${libdir}. Thus -> patch denied.

The three libs are placed into /usr/lib/nx while all the other
NX-specific libs are in /usr/X11R6/lib/nx.. an inexplicible
discrepancy. Suffice to say /usr/X11R6 is obsolete now and the libs
that previously lived there are now in /usr.

>> 102 ./nx-libs/so-version.diff
> Partially accepted:
> http://code.x2go.org/gitweb?p=nx-libs.git;a=commitdiff;h=c26e4bd825826462fc73242f94369555ae0f44fe

The question here is whether someone populated the SO version with
the package version because they had nothing better to do, or
because they are vowing to newer remove/change any existing interface
until .so.4. There was no way to tell, hence using this patch.--
which, as I review it, notice that it is incomplete.

>> 24 ./nx-libs/no-x11r6.diff
> Accepted:
> http://code.x2go.org/gitweb?p=nx-libs.git;a=commitdiff;h=3deee8f94983ea6c072663c1197d311fc1ddaf6c

Actually I threw this patch out again and replaced it by

# Need to do this since %%nxprefix (resp. %%_libexecdir) is variadic.
perl -i -pe 's{^(#define ProjectRoot)\s.*}{$1 %nxprefix}' \

because libexecdir is not necessarily /usr/lib, but e.g. /usr/libexec.
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