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On Mi 15 Feb 2012 23:15:31 CET Jan Engelhardt wrote:

On Wednesday 2012-02-15 10:27, Mike Gabriel wrote:

Hi Michael, hi Jan, hi all,

most of Jan's patches have been included (accepted) by NX

This implies what? I thought NoMachine closed down NX such that X2go
is now "without a parent" so to speak, and thus the new authoritative
source. Or not?

NoMachine is still active on NX 3.5. And, they have a high latency responsiveness compared to other upstream projects.

X2Go acts as a buffer. We are not NX original upstream. We are redistributors. And: we have a pile of patches that we include with ,,NX (redistributed)''.

I personally have contact with NoMachine, but their replies are very general and not very precise on what patch they include and what not and when that might be. ,,NX (redistributed)'' aims at being independent from that.

Our Git structure, however, is patch based. So we can easily import newer NoMachine tarballs, see the diff to the former tarball. After a tarball import from NoMachine we have to adapt our patches.

On So 12 Feb 2012 21:55:27 CET Michael Kromer wrote:

2382 ./nx-libs/unique-libnames.diff

Mike loves this one!!! Especially thanks for this piece of awesome
work. If I take a look at the file list of the Debian package
libnx-x11, I can still see some lib files that are not renamed to
the new scheme (libNX_<name>.so). Does this need some more

Xcomp, Xcompext and Xcompshad are specific to NX and did not clash with
any Xorg-X11 lib, so I chose not to add a prefix at first. But I do not
really mind them getting a NX_ prefix either. The pkgconfig files also
need updating, they still show the old names.

There some more, how about those?

mike@minobo:~/MyDocuments/4projects/nwt-git/build/cowdancer$ dpkg -L libnx-x11 | grep -v NX_

[It would have also been a lot easier if NX/x2go used
X11R7 as a base. Imakefiles make sick and the specfile is huge.]

Yes, this needs a refactoring of NX in its guts. Probably the reason, why noone has addressed that, yet.

122 ./nx-libs/standard-dirs.diff

libXcomp* are unusable outside of the /usr/${libdir}/nx context. So it is
misleading to place them into /usr/${libdir}. Thus -> patch denied.

The three libs are placed into /usr/lib/nx while all the other
NX-specific libs are in /usr/X11R6/lib/nx.. an inexplicible
discrepancy. Suffice to say /usr/X11R6 is obsolete now and the libs
that previously lived there are now in /usr.

Oh... we (Debian packaging) install into /usr/lib/nx/X11... So this should be fixed in the Imake files?

102 ./nx-libs/so-version.diff

Partially accepted:

The question here is whether someone populated the SO version with
the package version because they had nothing better to do, or
because they are vowing to newer remove/change any existing interface
until .so.4. There was no way to tell, hence using this patch.--
which, as I review it, notice that it is incomplete.

Incomplete in what way?

24 ./nx-libs/no-x11r6.diff


Actually I threw this patch out again and replaced it by

# Need to do this since %%nxprefix (resp. %%_libexecdir) is variadic.
perl -i -pe 's{^(#define ProjectRoot)\s.*}{$1 %nxprefix}' \

because libexecdir is not necessarily /usr/lib, but e.g. /usr/libexec.

I will build a preview tarball of nx-libs soon. Could you simply patch against that one?

Other option is that you work on our nx-libs.git directly and send your patches via mail.




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